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PVC strip curtains regulate airflow in an area without restricting people or machinery traffic. PVC strip curtains are an easy, affordable way to separate environments within your workplace while still maximizing productivity. From warehouses and loading docks to supermarkets and cold storage facilities, strip doors enhance workflow, reduce energy costs and streamline operations.

AirLock strip curtains are proudly manufactured in SA.





Cost effective
Maximizing productivity
Transparent strips formulated from a PVC compoundTransparent strips formulated from a PVC compound

Transparent strips formulated from a PVC compound

The economical solution for enclosing all internal and external apertures.

Save Energy

- AirLock PVC strip curtains are designed to control temperatures and minimize energy costs, whether you want to keep warm or cool air in.

Separate Environments

- Strip curtains help you separate and partition off certain sections of your workspace. Keep out dust, weather, fumes, noise, and other elements with AirLock strip curtains.

Streamline Workflow

- Unlike standard industrial doors, strip curtains allow people or machinery to easily pass through the strips without physically opening a door, thus optimizing productivity.