Who are we & What do we do

Airlock is a Pretoria based company, specialising in the supply of PVC Strip Curtains. Our products are proudly manufactured in South Africa and are produced in bulk, benefitting all parties through economies of scale.

About our Company

Reduction in heat/cold loss | Noise reduction | Energy conservation

PVC Strip Curtains, otherwise known as a Brattice or Butcher Brattice, are used to regulate airflow within an area without restricting people or machinery traffic. Other uses of PVC Strip Curtains include being used to reduce the amount of dust (or other airborne particles) transferred between areas, where solid doors are not a viable option, as well as a form of insulation between areas of artificial cooling to reduce leakage. Transparency is a great benefit of PVC Strip Curtains, it allows light to penetrate the isolated area, and assists ease of passage. PVC Strip Curtains are easy to clean and without abuse, will last for many years.